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Process of a balloon flight

The appointment

At the agreed rendezvous location where you will leave your vehicle, you will be greeted by the pilot and his team on the ground. They will take you to the nearby take-off site, with their 4 × 4 vehicle … and the balloon!

Preparation of the hot air balloon

The preparation of the balloon takes only 15 to 20 minutes. You are welcome to participate.

The balloon flight

The magic moment you have been waiting for! Onboard this most beautiful panoramic sky balcony, you will gaze at the countryside, the forests, the rivers and the castles, such a feeling of fulfillment. The flight will last between 45 minutes and 1:15, depending on the weather and places suitable for landing.

The tradition at landing

As you exchange your experiences of the flight, we will not fail this aerostatic tradition of sharing a flute of champagne of our friend Olivier Salmon (, as we hand out your diploma.

The return

Our recovery vehicle which will have followed us during the flight and met us at the landing site, will take us back to our starting point, with the folded balloon in tow.

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