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Who will be your pilot?

30 years of passion!

Stéphane BOLZE and François MESSINES are first and foremost passionate balloonists and want you to discover their love of the sport that has motivated them for more than 30 years.

Having flown over all 5 continents, having won national and international titles, having flown over Mont Blanc at an altitude of 6000m, they have acquired an experience unique in France. Today, they have decided to share it aboard their new hot-air balloons.

In love with Touraine, they will have you discover it as you have never seen it. Read the article by Alain Teulère, sports journalist, who describes his flight from the Domaine de la Trigalière. Read the article >

Stéphane BOLZE

Stéphane acquired his balloon pilot’s license in 1990 after serving as a crewman and a student, and has been competing since 1992. He has accumulated 1700 of flying hours, 1/3 of which are in competition!


  • 6 times French champion (record) and 11 podiums.
  • 5 times winner of the European Cup (record)
  • European Champion in 1998 (Sweden)
  • 3rd at the 2008 World Championship (Austria)
  • N°1 French pilot for 8 years

More numerous podiums in these different championships. Similarly, he has won countless meetings throughout France.

François Messines

François has been a pilot since 1984 and has participated in all of France’s national championships since 1985. He has 1900 of flight hours including 1/3 in competition.


  • 4 times French champion and 17 podiums in total
  • European Champion in 2007 (Germany) and 2 times European Vice-Champion.
  • World Champion in 2008 * (Austria). Only French to date having obtained this title.
  • N°1 French pilot for 7 years
  • Also, François has won dozens of meetings in France.

* With Stéphane placing 3rd at this world’s championship, Team France is considered world champion, although the results are individual

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