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Terms of sale

1/ Conditions de vente

Passengers acknowledge knowing and accepting the general conditions of sale. The order implies acceptance of all the following statements.

2/ Rates

Our rates are effective from January 1st 2018 and are subject to change without notice. These prices include a 10.0% VAT, transport for hire liability insurance and the organization of the flight.

2 package deals are available:

A / Simple balloon flight reservations

After booking by phone the customer must confirm by mail with an 85 € per passenger deposit check which will not be cashed before the flight. The balance is payable on the day of the flight. If the flight cannot take place and the customer does not wish to postpone it, the deposit check is returned at no charge.

B / Balloon Flight Ticket

Covering 2 complete flying seasons, a purchased ticket is valid for 2 years (or 1 year for promotional offers). Any given season starts on April 1st and ends on October 15th. Payment is made by check or credit card from our website or by phone. The collection of the payment is made upon completion of the order. The customer then contacts Top Balloon by telephone to choose the date of his flight (subject to availability). A flight ticket is not refundable but is transferable to another person during its validity period. The extension of a ticket is possible for one year for a fee of 30 euros per passenger.

3/ Flight conditions

Passengers accept the specific constraints inherent to the organization of a balloon flight. Pregnant women and children under 6 are not allowed onboard our hot air balloons. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult. When booking, the customer agrees to provide the weight of each passenger on the form. The absence of that written information implies that the weight of each passenger is less than 80 kg.

We are not qualified to judge your fitness for balloon flying, it is up to you to seek advice from a doctor if in doubt. Our nacelles are not equipped with seats.

4/ Confirmation of flight schedule

Passengers must imperatively contact us by phone from 6:00 pm and 6:30 pm on the day before a scheduled morning flight. For an evening flight, passengers must contact us on that given day from 12:00 noon to 12:30 pm. Any passenger failing to call us within the above schedule will be considered absent for the flight and will not be included on the boarding list.

Any flight that cannot take place within the set schedule will be postponed to another date at the customer’s discretion and within the constraints of our availabilities.

5/ Cancellation by Top Balloon

Top Balloon reserves the right to cancel a flight due to: bad weather conditions, safety conditions or if there are not enough passengers (the pilot alone is accredited to assess the feasibility of a flight). This cancellation may take place at the takeoff location; in which case Top Balloon cannot be held responsible for the expenses incurred by the customers to reach the venue (accommodation, food and travel).

6/ Modification of services

Top Balloon may, for any safety reason or flight relevance, modify the location of take-off or even swap balloons.

7/ Cancellation of a reservation or absence of a client

The balance of any ticket price must be paid no later than the day of the flight. Except for postponements or cancellations 7 days prior, the lack of a telephone confirmation or the absence of a passenger at the date and time of a confirmed appointment by Top Balloon implies the cancellation of the given flight. Top Balloon will then cash the deposit paid for the said performance. As any flight ticket, it will be considered expended.

8/ Rules on board

All passengers must be on the boarding list. Top Balloon’s pilots have full and exclusive authority over all passengers and equipment onboard the aircraft. They may at any time disembark any passenger or any item that may present a danger to the flight. They may interrupt the flight at any time for security reasons. No service will be refunded once the flight has lasted a minimum of 30 minutes.

9/ Insurance

Passengers are insured according to the prevailing aeronautical agreements (Montreal Protocol). Top Balloon’s liability to passengers in the event of death or personal injury is limited to a maximum sum of € 114,000 per passenger. Top Balloon cannot be held liable for luggage or personal items (cameras, clothing, cell phones, etc…)