The most beautiful “balcony in the world”

Crédit photo : Benoit Michiels

The most beautiful “balcony in the world” is certainly the view offered by Stéphane Bolze’s balloon. Form the steps of the Cottage, you will embark in the nacelle of this champion of the clouds and you will live a lover’s unforgettable moment. Stephane will take you flirting with the birds, flying over the woods and observe in their privacy, Trigalière’s deers, wild boars, hares and foxes. You will follow their paths between fields of poppies and wheat. This privileged moment will transform you into the pioneers that were the Montgolfier brothers in the 18th century.

At the time, Louis XVI found the venture hazardous and banned it at first.

The two brothers proved to the King that warm air is lighter than cold air and that it is possible to fly. Louis XVI was convinced but refused to attend the experiment. His son, the dauphin will represent him on that day. In November 1783, Pilâtre de Rozier flew for the first time over Paris.

Become a pioneer also, do as he did, it’s unforgettable!

Stéphane, aeronautical European champion, 6 times France’s national champion, 7 world championships on the meter, has flown over: America, Japan, Africa, Australia. He confesses that it is here in the Loire Valley that he prefers to fly. Why? Answer: animals, castles, and the gentle mix of plains, ponds and forests. This variety and richness are unique to the world.

So, are you ready for that lovers’ kiss in the air? Slightly constrained but happy and alone in the world in this nacelle of 1m10 x 1m30. Let’s go! Above your heads a little burner, already you are at the top of the trees where a battalion of wild ducks greets you. On the ground a deer and 3 doe stop drinking, raise their heads and take off astonished. Further, a muskrat rushes to dive. The nacelle caresses the top of the trees with extreme gentleness. Driven by the wind you cross Ambillou road and fly over Chamchevrier castle where the kennel is in turmoil. In the neighboring meadow, cows more accustomed to watch the train remain perplexed by this unknown means of transport. You fly at 20 km/hour, all is tranquil on this ideal “belvedere”, you are simply happy!

Alain Teulère, sports journalist

Further down in the neighboring meadow, surprised, 2 big horses raise and lower their heads in rhythm then spin as Dervishes. Now for more than a kilometer, the balloon accompanies a pair of deer that leaps from a plowed field to a rapeseed meadow. On the ground, at the wheel of a 4/4, and on small country roads, Marie, Stéphane’s wife follows the navigation with her expert eye. She communicates with the balloon by GPS and comes as close as she can to the field chosen by Stéphane to return to firm grounds. A last lover’s kiss above the village of Savigné sur Lathan. The nacelle plunges, brushes the poppies at 8 km / h and lands with the softness of a palace elevator. The first flight of these lovers is celebrated as it should with crystal flutes. Certainly, they will never forget the thirty animals overflown and tender kisses exchanged at the treetops, nestled on Stéphane’s flying carpet, on this huge balcony open to nature and its delights.

Alain Teulère, sports journalist

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